Are you new to photography? Have you taken pictures for years but want to go deeper, to learn the tools of the craft that will let you better express the image you see in your mind?

The great thing about the internet is that you have virtually unlimited resources at your fingertips. And many of them are free! The downside is that you have to sort through all those resources to find the ones that work best for you.

I am neither a photography instructor nor even an expert educational curator. This section is simply a collection of resources that I have found helpful in my own journey in photography — identifying my vision and learning how to express it. These pages will include a number of resources from Fujifilm X series users, because that is the digital system I have been using. I am by no means implying that this is the system everyone ought to use. It is what works for me. And whatever system works for you, I believe you can find value in these resources.

I welcome suggestions of other resources in the comments below. I will check them out and consider adding them to the lists. And finally, remember no resource in the world is a substitute for actually making photographs. It sounds obvious and maybe even cliché, but I find myself forgetting that all too often. So go make some photographs, and share the beauty you see with others.


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