Here are resources that talk about the craft of photography. In other words, how does photography work? The better you understand how it works, the better you’ll be able to harness it to express your vision.

  • Craft and Vision — Surprise! An educational site called “Craft and Vision” is listed here as well as under the vision section. Here is a direct link to the blog portion of the site. And a number of the ebooks (some of them free) deal with general and specific aspects of the craft and techniques of photography.
  • The Moment it Clicks — A fun read by a great photographer: Joe McNally. I don’t know that you’ll find specific techniques to use, especially if like me you don’t use strobes. But it’s all about how light works and how to work within constraints and through obstacles to make great photographs. Highly recommended.
  • Ming Thein — A great all around resource covering the full gamut of photography: vision, craft, gear, and photographs. Here is a link to Ming’s articles specifically on the craft or techniques of photography. Here’s a great article to get started on: Subject Isolation. I also recommend: Front Bokeh, Defining Cinematic, and The Concept of ‘Visual Weight’.
  • Michael Freeman — I have a number of books by him (The Photographer’s Eye, Light and Lighting, Capturing the Moment, The Photographer’s Mind). They are all clearly written with great photographs that illustrate what he’s talking about (and also a look at the “draft” images that didn’t turn out). A great resource for learning all the ins and outs of the craft of photography.

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