Here are resources that talk about identifying and expressing your vision. In other words, what are you looking for when you make photographs? What makes an image a good photograph for you? What particular beauty moves you to create a photograph to preserve and share it with yourself and those around you?

  • David duChemin — My favorite photographer. Not only are David’s photographs filled with beauty, he is an excellent teacher. He has plenty of input regarding techniques and gear, but most especially he pushes me to consider the photograph itself. Techniques and gear are tools to make great photographs. Learning them is essential to reaching your goal, but they probably should not be that goal. His print books (especially Within the Frame, Photographically Speaking, and A Beautiful Anarchy) have been very formational for me. Also, if you enjoy video podcasts, David has an informative and entertaining one: Vision is Better. He has not updated it in a while, but there’s a lot there. If you want to make better photographs, I believe David duChemin should be your first resource.
  • Craft and Vision — A resource goldmine created by David duChemin. Both free and paid resources on the craft and vision of photography, and if you sign up for their mailing list you can get a lot of free and discounted offers. Here is a direct link to the blog portion of the site. I cannot recommend Craft and Vision highly enough. If you’ve read this far, you can already see how indebted I am to this way of thinking about making photographs.
  • The Road to Seeing — An insightful journey through the life and photography of Dan Winters, a highly accomplished photographer whose work is as moving as it is well created. This book is somewhere in-between a biography and a photo book, with a good portion of inspiration on the side. Beautifully made and written, I recommend it to anyone who approaches photography as a way to see the world and express that to others. It includes one of my most beloved quotes on any subject: “Evidence of a life replete with love is, in my mind, the greatest gift a photographer can give to the world.”
  • Ming Thein — A great all around resource covering the full gamut of photography: vision, craft, gear, and photographs. Here is a link to Ming’s articles specifically on the philosophy of photography. Here’s a great article to get started on: The Four Things.

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